It’s My Season!

John 9: 1-7

Hey Ya’ll!

Today, I want to talk about the importance of knowing and showing up in your season of prosperity.

Owning your season requires you to be in full leadership mode with your perspectives, priorities and your pace!

In your season of prosperity it is important to have a future-focused perspective and not engage in conversations that keep you in your past. Therefore, you must keep your conversations full of high vibrational energy; what happened already happened, how are we going to move forward and produce something more powerful!

We must know who we are in order to have the ability to get our priorities in order to be prosperous in our season. Knowing who we are reveals what our assignment is; when you know what and where your assignment is, this allows you the ability to focus. 

Once you have focused on your assignment, things will start to flow freely and you will reap the benefits almost immediately! 

You have to keep in mind that your season is just that, a season. Which means you don’t have time to take your time; you must get the most out of all the days in your season. This requires you to increase your consistency and intensity of your work, because there is such a thing as being too late! 

Count tomorrow as today; Get Busy, It’s Your Season!

With Love, Abijah.

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