Making Changes with Grace Pt.2

Genesis 6:1-9

Today we are back talking about making changes with Grace!

To change is to become different, to be altered; the alterations can happen in a small or big way but the significance of the change must be seen or felt. In order to see change, you have to make changes! 

As we defined in part 1 of this series, “grace is the undeserved favor of God; Grace cannot be earned, and it is given to us for free.” In order to receive grace you have to admit that you are in need of it! Grace is a warning that something needs to change!

 Grace is going to require you to change some things and build some new things!

Sometimes it is not obvious that a change needs to happen; you may need to search or seek counsel to obtain the knowledge you need to make the necessary changes. Change requires some things to be disrupted, and although it may not feel good momentarily, the long term results and outcomes outweigh the momentary discomfort.

Grace gives you the ability to function because you accepted the responsibility and made the necessary changes!

When we pray to God and ask him for things, we must also accompany it with a request to help us to change in order to receive what we are asking for and to be able to maintain it once we receive it. We must make changes until it becomes your norm! 

The grace to change can be found in the area that has caused you the most pain! As long as you are stuck on what happened, you will never find the grace to make the changes. 

You gotta be prepared to make BIG changes, little changes won’t cut it! Grace helps you to move even when you are uncertain of what the outcome of the change will be; move gracefully with fear, let it propel you forward at an accelerated rate!

I Am A Change Agent; I’ve got the grace to make changes! My goal is to make changes!

With Love, Abijah.

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