Making Changes With Grace!

Genesis 6:1-9

Hey Ya’ll! 

Today, I want to talk about making changes with Grace!

Grace is a Divine thing. It is the undeserved favor of God; Grace cannot be earned, and it is given to us for free. Grace comes with responsibility and it requires us to have a continuous relationship with God! 

Changes are not easy but they are necessary if we want to see a shift within ourselves and in our lives. 

You have the power to change your life into a life you love; You have the power to change your life into the life God desires for you!


We have to find Grace in the eyes of God! Which means we must seek Him, search for Him, and humble ourselves before Him!

In order to find Grace, you have to have the Courage to STAND OUT!

Grace is what stabilizes you; Grace anchors you; Grace strengthens you; Grace empowers you; Grace is your foundation!

Once you find Grace, You got it going on!

With Love, Abijah.

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