No Edits

John 8:1-11

Hey Ya’ll!

Today, I want to talk about the importance of telling your story like it is!

When you tell your story nobody can use it against you. Telling your story is what grants you access into the next dimension in your life, but only when you tell it like it was.

Leaving out parts or changing parts of the story leaves others to complete it how they imagine it and creates doubt against your credibility. What we think about you or your story doesn’t matter, what matters is the impact it has on us and in our life.

When you tell your story with no edits, you give others with similar stories permission to release theirs, along with the pain and shame that they have been secretly holding onto. Your story is most effective when others are able to see themselves in it!

Speak your truth, because no matter how devout we are, we will never be perfect! Stop cleaning up your story; present the real you, wonderfully and imperfectly made! There’s only 1 You!

You have to ignore what they say about you due to the parts of your story that aren’t pretty; None of us are innocent! Most people who throw stones at others often live in a glass house but lack the courage to come to the door! The only difference between us is that we don’t know the whole truth about each other’s story!

God is the only one with the power to condemn! And He would rather use your story to bring you closer to Him!

So No Edits; Because Real Recognize Real!

With Love, Abijah.

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