The spirit of grace.

2 kings 2:8-15

Hey Ya’ll!

Today, I want to talk about the character of grace.

Grace is the unmerited favor of God. It’s something that happens within us that we were unaware of that we needed, and oftentimes that we weren’t deserving of receiving.

Grace comes with a responsibility to the person you’re in relationship with pertaining to that grace. The exchange that takes place within the relationship is what has afforded you the gift of grace. Grace does not require that the exchange that takes place be of equal value but rather of unequal value; this is what constitutes it as favor!

When we extend grace, it may seem like we got the short end of the stick and in a literary sense this may be true. But, it’s not about what we get but more about what we get to do for another person; we give them hope! Hope is the gateway to change, and when you give a person a chance to change your spirit will evolve!

As the recipient of Grace, we must keep in mind that we have a responsibility to the giver and to ourselves to succeed. It requires that we have full trust in them to do right by us and to cherish our vulnerability. It also requires us to have belief in ourselves, that we are capable of overcoming the weaknesses of our past and have the ability to strengthen ourselves in the present.

Grace requires that you be a person of great strength and morals when helping others to combat their weaknesses. It asks you to be of full service to that person, committing yourself throughout the entire process. This goes beyond human capability and requires that we access the spirit of God to be our divine helper!

The giver of Grace must know how to receive Grace with The Spirit Of God in order to see the value of the person that they are helping. This is what makes the difference!

With Love, Abijah.

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